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Welcome home: take a look inside the new Mediclinic Stellenbosch

When Mediclinic decided to build a whole new hospital in Stellenbosch, the company brought together multiple specialists in a wide variety of fields. The thread that joined them all? A


Mediclinic SA’s infection control philosophy

Mediclinic Southern Africa considers infection prevention and control a key priority – and innovative measures to reduce the spread of bacteria are now paying off.  Healthcare-associated  infections continue to pose


Simultaneous rectal and prostate surgery with da Vinci

The da Vinci robotic system at Mediclinic Durbanville is once again in the spotlight, with what appears to be a world first on the system. During April, Dr Gawie Bruwer,


Latest atrial fibrillation takes another step forward

Dr Razeen Gopal, renowned cardiologist and electrophysiologist at the Cape Town Atrial Fibrillation Centre (CTAFC) based at Mediclinic Panorama, performed the latest cryo-ablation using the most novel technology available –


Double “awake” brain surgery milestone for Mediclinic Milnerton

Mediclinic Milnerton recently played host to two cases involving a surgical procedure referred to as an “Awake Craniotomy”.  As the name suggests, the patient is awake during the surgery to


BK Fusion: Refining and Redefining Prostate Biopsies in the Detection of Prostate Cancer

Mediclinic Newcastle is now offering new hope for potential prostate cancer sufferers, through improved diagnostics, with the all new BK Fusion system. Dr Mahesh K Dhanjee, Mediclinic Newcastle’s sole urologist, is


Expert care outside the box

To be part of the Mediclinic Corporate Events team, nurses must have a mix of experience and clinical competency – but most of all, an adventurous spirit. “Hospitals are clinical,


Knee replacement for patient with Lorian-Dwarfism

Dr Hennie Bester, an orthopaedic surgeon based at Mediclinic George, encountered an unusual case recently. Theo Bosman, a 74-year old resident of George, came to his practice as he required