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Mediclinic recognised as SA’s most valuable healthcare brand for five consecutive years

For the fifth year in succession, Mediclinic has been recognised as the top healthcare brand in the ‘Most Valuable Brands’ list for 2018.


Prominent orthopaedic surgeon brings relief to Somerset West worker

Tembelani Njonga, a general worker from the Nomzamo informal settlement, underwent surgery with Dr Charl van den Berg, a prominent surgeon at Mediclinic Vergelegen, under the auspices of the Agape foundation. Being a patient that is reliant on the state, Tembelani was on a waiting list for surgery for a while and his condition was being managed with pain medication. Until this procedure, he had never been to hospital, making the life changing experience one of many firsts.


Mediclinic Cape Gate achieves water independence

As part of Mediclinic’s sustainable water management, the hospital group has set about implementing measures to ensure that Western Cape hospitals are independent of the municipal water supply where possible.


Mediclinic supports public sector doctor training

The number of doctors graduating within South Africa has become a cause for concern over recent years. With the volume of graduates increasing only incrementally from those being produced in the 1970s and the population doubling in this time frame, it is essential that all role players investigate new and sustainable options for training doctors in South Africa.


Mediclinic invests in environmentally friendly energy

Mediclinic Southern Africa continues to invest in solar energy as part of their focus on reducing their carbon footprint.


World-leading pelvic floor centre reduces the need for repeat surgeries

One in 11 women will need surgery for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or a leaking bladder by age 85 and 30% will need a second operation within two years. Using a comprehensive approach from medical doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians, the Cura Pelvi unit in Mediclinic Midstream has decreased recurrent surgery to only 5%.


Robotic surgery offering extended to 10 state sector patients

While awaiting pre-meds ahead of surgery to remove his prostate gland, Cape Town builder John Vraagom shared a few jokes. “My job is to build walls: I keep skelms out of your house,” he laughed. “Now tell me more about the robot that is going to cure my cancer!”