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One-stop shop for acid reflux

The opening of the Upper Gastro-intestinal Unit at Mediclinic Heart is good news for long-term acid reflux sufferers.


Mediclinic surgeons perform streamlined brain surgery with new endoscope

Neurosurgeons Dr Brad Harrington and Dr Hanno Vivier, both of Mediclinic Cape Gate, recently performed a navigated ventriculostomy surgery to remove a potentially life-threatening colloid cyst – a tumour that


The benefits of pharmacogenetic testing

Mediclinic’s pharmacogenetic testing is revolutionising healthcare by personalising treatment options and improving patient outcomes.


The Future of Prenatal Testing Has Arrived

Screening the genetic health of your baby during pregnancy has never been this safe, or as accurate. Mediclinic Precise brings next-generation prenatal testing to life with a comprehensive Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) offering.


First for Africa: heart rhythm disorder treated with new technology

For the first time on the African continent, a series of fourteen patients with atrial fibrillation – the most common heart rhythm disorder in people older than sixty years – was treated with new ablation technology to ensure normal heart rhythm without atrial fibrillation.


Why top SA tech careers are being built in healthcare

By 2022, the value of the South African healthcare market was predicted to reach US$37 billion, and this is expected to rise to over US$47 billion by 2027.