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Mediclinic Morningside’s Head and Neck Unit exemplifies collaborative excellence

“Teamwork makes the dream work” may sound like little more than a cliché, but at Mediclinic Morningside Head and Neck Unit, it’s a way of life – and the secret to this multidisciplinary team’s success.


Back on track after successful scoliosis surgery

Doctors at Mediclinic Kloof performed complex, innovative surgery to straighten the spine of a teenage girl with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.


Audiology is about more than hearing loss

Dr Natalie Buttress, an audiologist at Mediclinic Durbanville, believes that for a long time the word ‘audiologist’ has been synonymous with hearing loss and fitting hearing aids. But she explains that the audiologist is a key weapon in fighting many other sensory challenges that impact our community.


COVID-19 surges put us all at risk

Surges of COVID-19 cases in South Africa put Mediclinic hospitals, resources and staff under severe strain. Our nurses and doctors have one heartfelt plea: let’s all work together to limit the impact of this third wave of cases on our hospitals, nurses and doctors.


Hope for hearing: Technology driving greater access

Dr Natalie Buttress, an audiologist at Mediclinic Durbanville, believes that rapidly advancing technology is addressing many of the challenges experienced in early hearing devices.


New doctor for groundbreaking haematology unit

Established in 1995, Constantiaberg Haematology offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach, with three specialist haematologists.


MerG membrane for OCD

Dr Rael Salkinder, an orthopaedic surgeon at Mediclinic Cape Town, employs a new treatment option for osteochondral lesions of the knee (OCD). When a 40-year-old athlete presented with knee pain


Baby with caudal regression syndrome learns to walk

When Bailey Tumber was born with caudal regression syndrome, there was no hope of her being able to walk, sit or crawl. A few surgeries later, she’s proving everyone wrong.


First comprehensive medical genetic and genetic counselling service in private practice

Mediclinic Panorama is the first private hospital in South Africa to offer a comprehensive medical genetic and genetic counselling service. Such a service has become an essential offering for our patients as the evolution of this science has evolved.  


Why RSV is a cause for concern. 

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is one of the most common causes of childhood illness. Here’s what you should know.