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Mediclinic Bloemfontein leads the way in paediatric emergency care

The new head of the Emergency Centre brings a lifelong love for emergency medicine, and a Master’s degree, to a family-minded community.


Breast reconstruction is all about the timing for best results

For women who have undergone a partial or full mastectomy, the decision on whether to reconstruct as well as timing is a personal one.


Understanding risk and the importance of screening

During October, the focus is placed on Breast Cancer Awareness, but this year the significance of regular check-ups is more important than ever. With patients neglecting their regular screenings, many


Mediclinic’s stroke project reaps significant benefits

Mediclinic hospitals across South Africa are on standby to provide expert and efficient treatment for stroke patients. “We started our stroke unit nearly 20 years ago, and we’ve come a


Mediclinic broadens relationship with University of Western Cape

Mediclinic Southern Africa is dedicated to utilising available resources within the business to extend access to care across our country. This traditionally evolves through long-term relationships and collaboration with organisations


Why organ transplants matter more than ever

Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre is the only Mediclinic hospital to provide much-needed organ transplants – and its innovative Transplant Unit needs your help. South Africa suffers from a chronic


Arthroscopic surgery may stave off hip replacement

Dr Quinton Accone, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Mediclinic Morningside explains why a simple well-timed arthroscopic intervention could be the reason athletes in their later years may not require hip replacement surgery.


Adolescent STIs – “We need to think out the box” (Part 2)

In examining the growing trend of adolescent STI infections, Dr Anusha Naidoo, Gynaecological Oncologist at Mediclinic Sandton looks at how we can address these issues within our practices, hospitals and homes.


Adolescent STIs – Are we meeting the demand for care? (Part 1)

STIs amongst sexually active adolescents is nothing new. But what is new is the rising trend in these numbers.


Mediclinic commits to keeping employees safe and supported

Mediclinic has prioritised the safety of hospital employees, doctors and allied health professionals on the frontline of a global pandemic.