Expanding access with convenience

Posted on 3 Mar 2021

Mediclinic Southern Africa has long been focused on real expansion of access to quality healthcare across the continuum of care. Practically this means ensuring that the community has adequate access to primary and acute care as well as specialised services – and that there is a consistent patient experience across these different entry points into the healthcare system.

In an extension of the services available to the Milnerton and surrounding communities, Intercare has opened their newest branch on the property of Mediclinic MilnertonIntercare Milnerton Medical and Dental Centre. Making access to primary medical and dental care easier and more convenient.

Koert Pretorius, Chief Executive Officer of Mediclinic Southern Africa believes that this type of expansion is an essential part of ensuring that the community prioritises their health. “By expanding access to primary healthcare, our community can better manage chronic conditions before they require acute or specialised interventions. However, should the patient need that care, referrals and escalation will offer a streamlined process for the patient, which can only be beneficial to their health journey.”

“We believe that Mediclinic and Intercare share a common focus. Expanding access, improving clinical outcomes – while managing the costs associated with this care. For this reason, their healthcare centres, day clinics and sub-acute & rehabilitation hospitals offer complementary services to our acute care facilities. Our vision is aligned – which is why opening this practice on the grounds of one of our hospitals is the ideal solution,” Pretorius concludes.

Dr Hendrik Hanekom, Chief Executive, Intercare Group explains their decision to expand, “As a patient-centred organisation with a healthcare model focused on patient outcomes, Intercare structures its services around the health status and needs of patients.  Intercare is committed to innovative value-based healthcare solutions and has a clear vision of reinforcing primary and ambulatory healthcare’s essential role within the continuum of care.”

“Mediclinic and Intercare have complementary skill sets and significant combined expertise. This enables cross-service learnings, which drives a continual improvement in the value and quality of care that our patients receive. This collaborative working relationship with Mediclinic enables Intercare to offer an innovative, end-to-end healthcare solution, which extends the care options available to the community. By placing our patients’ best interests at the centre of the process, we deliver on our commitment to be leaders in health,” Hanekom continues.

The Intercare Milnerton Medical and Dental Centre will house general practitioners and dentists among other healthcare professionals, and will operate 7 days a week, including public holidays.

Services offered by the multi-disciplinary healthcare facility will include the management of chronic diseases, general medical care as well as screening and preventative medicine such as full medical assessments, pathology, and vaccinations. The facility is also earmarked as a COVID-19 vaccination site when the phase 2 and 3 roll-out begins.

In terms of dentistry and oral health services, Intercare will offer general dental care as well as bridges, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene, teeth whitening and veneers. With general wellbeing and even chronic diseases increasingly being linked to oral health, dentists and general practitioners work closely together to ensure that customers receive holistic care that promotes and maintains health.

Dr Hanekom believes in a customer-centric focus, and that key to this is convenience of access and a broad scope of integrated services. The addition of primary medical and dental services to those services that the community is already familiar with through Mediclinic, such as emergency and allied care, and a large range of specialists, makes strategic sense.

As another means of adding convenience and ease of accessibility, Intercare offers seamless on-line booking capabilities for both in-person and virtual GP consultations by visiting https://www.intercare.co.za/bookings. The journey towards better oral health can also be initiated via an AI supported digital screening in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Co-located with the hospital, the Intercare facility offers the healthcare workers within Mediclinic Milnerton convenient access to primary care. The location is also expected to optimise clinical collaboration between general practitioners and specialists, enhancing the quality of care for patients through a more integrated referral process, less fragmentation and closer specialist support.

Mediclinic is excited to use this model as a basis for co-innovation and thereby unlock significant additional value for its patients and healthcare teams alike.



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