Welcome to the Future of Mental Health Care

Posted on 6 November 2018

The Kintsugi Centre at Mediclinic Newcastle showcases the benefits of a dedicated, holistic mental health care unit.

Mediclinic Newcastle is bringing the future of mental health care into the here and now by offering a dedicated space for patients to receive the unique care they need. The hospital’s Kintsugi Centre is managed by a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and professional nurses, all trained in psychiatric treatments.

Kintsugi, which in Japanese means “golden joinery”, or to repair with gold, refers to the ancient art of repairing broken pottery with a gold or silver lacquer. The philosophy behind this practice involves understanding that the piece of art is made more beautiful for having been broken.

“It was becoming more difficult to accommodate patients with mental health care needs in the main hospital,” says Yolanda Bruin, Unit Manager at the Kintsugi Centre. “If beds were available to admit the patients, they were placed in rooms with very ill patients requiring continuous medical intervention and care. This resulted in the patients not being able to rest and recover as needed.”

Mediclinic Newcastle recognised the need to provide patients with mental health care requirements within a therapeutic environment, providing holistic care for their conditions, she says.

Another factor was medical insurance. In order to cover the costs of mental health treatments, medical aids require hospitals to provide specific pre-planned treatment options, such as group therapy sessions offered to develop skills and to aid in the recovery process, and particular registered service providers, including dieticians and occupational therapists.

The Kintsugi Centre brings all of that expertise under one roof. De Bruin says the centre has been designed in line with the latest trends and developments in voluntary mental health care facilities.

“Attention was given to every detail,” she says, “such as a therapeutic garden, private and semi-private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and comfortable communal dining and seating areas. Consultations with psychiatrists take place in consultation rooms on the premises. Gym equipment is available for patients to use, as per the admitting psychiatrist’s discretion. All activities are available to patients according to their condition.”

At the Kintsugi Centre, the patient comes first. “Our daily treatment programmes are designed with the patient in mind. We encourage our patients to discuss their experience with our staff so we can ensure their needs are being met. We believe active participation is imperative to guide them on their road to recovery, and each step of our treatment plan, including pain management, is prescribed by the patient’s own doctor.”

In order to provide the best in mental health care, the Kintsugi Centre operates according to certain organisational values, says De Bruin. These include patient safety, mutual trust and a desire to constantly improve through innovation.

“We want to involve our patients and their families in the care process and ensure regular contact throughout their stay,” she says. “Our staff are honest, sincere, fair and transparent and we support and respect each other. We also continuously improve and innovate our processes to enhance our performance. Together with the patient and their families, we aim to work in synergy towards a common goal: getting better. After all, the needs of our clients are at the centre of everything we do.”

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