Mediclinic invests in Intercare

Posted on 5 October 2017

On 2 August 2017, Mediclinic Southern Africa announced an investment in the Intercare group, which is majority-owned by Novahealth Proprietary Limited.

This acquisition of the controlling shareholding in Intercare’s day and sub-acute hospital division, subject to approval by the Competition Commission, is aimed at allowing Mediclinic to offer more integrated healthcare services. This forms part of Mediclinic’s continued growth in multidisciplinary healthcare services as the country prepares for the implementation of government’s National Health Insurance plan.

‘We believe that this is the ideal opportunity to learn from the expertise of an innovative and pioneering role player in the primary healthcare market,’ says Koert Pretorius, CEO of Mediclinic Southern Africa.

‘Intercare has a clear vision of reinforcing primary healthcare’s essential role within the continuum of care. They have been innovative in the introduction of a number of patient-centred initiatives within the sub-acute and primary care environment, which Mediclinic believes are transforming the quality of care patients are experiencing.’

Dr Hendrik Hanekom, CEO of the Intercare group, agrees that the joint offering has the potential to strengthen both healthcare groups by continuing to grow a network of high-quality facilities with the ultimate aim of enhanced patient care – a value which is deeply entrenched in the ethos of both groups.

Intercare has been recognised for their holistic approach to healthcare in a country where the industry is frequently described in the media as fragmented.

‘Over the past 15 years, Intercare has developed an integrated business model with medical practitioners and the primary healthcare needs of the patient at its core,’ says Dr Hanekom. ‘We are excited about the opportunities that this new business relationship with Mediclinic, an international industry leader, will present to our patients, health professionals and employees.’

Day hospitals are a relatively new concept in South Africa, and aim to reduce the burden in acute hospitals by performing short-procedure or diagnostic treatments on a same-day basis. These procedures include gynaecological, orthopaedic, urological, ophthalmic, maxillofacial and dental surgeries. Shorter hospitals stays for patients offer a dual benefit: there is less risk of cross-infection and patients enjoy lower hospital costs.

‘Mediclinic’s vision is one of a more integrated healthcare service provider, and Intercare’s broad healthcare offering will support this objective,’ says Pretorius. ‘The addition of the sub-acute and primary elements to Mediclinic’s healthcare offering will complement the services available through our specialist orientated, multidisciplinary acute care facilities.’

Mediclinic’s imminent investment includes a minority shareholding in Intercare’s 18 multi-disciplinary medical and dental centres in South Africa. Together with the four-day hospitals and three-sub-acute and rehabilitation facilities, the primary healthcare group currently serves one million patients per year.

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