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Posted on 7 April 2017

Mediclinic has become the first healthcare provider in South Africa to publish patient satisfaction results based on its Patient Experience Index (PEI) – a survey that was introduced in association with internationally recognised leaders in this field, Press Ganey. Implemented across the company’s three international platforms, the PEI survey is aimed at scientifically measuring, understanding and improving the quality of care being offered to patients.

In its ongoing efforts to provide patients with world-class healthcare, Mediclinic International has launched a new Patient Experience Index (PEI) survey, which will serve as a single, standardised patient experience measurement criterion. The PEI will unify the Group’s three operating platforms in Southern Africa, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, ensuring operational excellence and patient safety across the organisation.

In a first for the region, Mediclinic Southern Africa is publishing the findings of the survey, allowing the public to gauge the quality of patient’s experience. Results from the survey are available on a specially created website, accessible via Mediclinic’s main web portal.

‘Publishing our results aligns with developments in the international healthcare industry,’ says Dr Biren Valodia, Chief Marketing Officer: Mediclinic Southern Africa. ‘We believe that the information will empower patients to be more informed about their local hospital as the website provides a clear view of the quality of service at each point of the patient journey. It reaffirms Mediclinic’s commitment to providing patients with the best possible patient experience as international research has shown that publishing satisfaction results contributes to an increase in scores.’

Along with data retrieved from more than 34 000 patient experience surveys received in the past year, visitors to the site will also be able to view information relating to their closest facility through a simple drop-down menu. For each hospital, the site will show three lead indicators of patient experience: Overall Hospital Score, Likelihood of Recommending the Hospital, and Rate the Hospital.

‘Mediclinic has taken care to explain our methodology and approach to ensure broader transparency in communicating with the public and potential patients,’ says Valodia. ‘We believe that the Patient Experience Index website will provide clear, transparent, unbiased and accurate information to the public about patients’ experiences in our hospitals.’

The PEI was developed in partnership with global healthcare survey consultancy Press Ganey Associates, and includes HCAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), a family of surveys that measures the frequency of care provided. As an independent third party, Press Ganey manages the entire survey process, from emailing the questionnaires to patients to providing in-depth analysis of the data and advising on global best practices.

‘The survey is comprehensive, and contains the full HCAHPS questionnaire as well as a survey developed by Press Ganey, with additional customised questions adapted for Mediclinic’s context,’ says Koert Pretorius, CEO: Mediclinic Southern Africa, adding that both the HCAHPS and Press Ganey questions were tested and validated to ensure consistent and reliable results. ‘We believe that the strength of our survey results lie in the combination of these two elements to provide a far more rounded measurement tool than is standard across our industry,’ Pretorius says.

Naturally, the PEI will also guide improvements in the day-to-day operations of Mediclinic’s hospitals. ‘Results are analysed both nationally and by every hospital to ensure that all patients are heard,’ Valodia explains. ‘Improvement areas are then prioritised and initiatives are rolled out and monitored. Hospital management teams set goals and plan how to best improve, taking the local community’s needs into consideration.’

The PEI survey is ongoing, and all patients are encouraged to participate. Results from the survey can be viewed via www.mediclinic.co.za.

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