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World-leading craniofacial surgery at Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt

Midface hypoplasia is a congenital facial anomaly in which the upper jaw, cheekbones, and eye sockets remain underdeveloped in newborn infants. The condition obstructs proper breathing and can lead to complications over time. Surgery has traditionally been reserved for older children before Prof Graewe at Mediclinic pioneered the development of a less invasive procedure in infants, called Midface Distraction without Osteotomies.

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Another first for da Vinci and Mediclinic Durbanville

Durbanville – On Friday 16 June 2017 Mediclinic Durbanville became the first hospital in South Africa to perform a pelvic floor prolapse repair with the use of the da Vinci

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Nursing expertise you can trust

As the world observes International Nurses Day on 12 May, Mediclinic is accelerating their Nursing Odyssey Programme to respond to the significant challenges faced by the nursing profession in Southern Africa.


Inspiring Mediclinic staff to enhance patient experience

‘Always remember there is opportunity in those hard times.’ A very special motivational speaker recently brought inspiration to Mediclinic staff.


Supporting public sector training

Mediclinic’s Technical Operations team have invited their peers in provincial government to join their training programme. This will develop skills in the healthcare sector and build public-private relationships.


Transorbital surgery is a game changer

An interdisciplinary surgical team in South Africa has developed a medical technique that reaches previously inoperable pathologies in the brain and eye called transorbital surgery. Mediclinic is the first private hospital group in Africa to offer the innovative surgery through Professor Darlene Lubbe’s work.


Groundbreaking paediatric tumour removal procedure

On 19 November 2016, a three-year-old boy became the first child in South Africa to have a rare mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the parotid removed. This procedure was successfully performed at Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg.


Arthroscopic wrist surgery conference

Dr Adriaan Smit, an Orthopaedic surgeon at Mediclinic Durbanville, was recently approached by the European Wrist Arthroscopic Society (EWAS) to initiate an advanced training course in Cape Town during November 2016. A first for Africa, this course brought together internationally recognised surgeons and the hand surgery fraternity in South Africa.


Blood supply to the nipple

Dr Peet van Deventer’s groundbreaking studies into the blood supply to the nipple-areolar complex area have made breast surgeries safer. Not a great deal was known about the blood supply to the nipple-areolar complex area before reconstructive and plastic surgeon Dr Peet van Deventer did his pioneering work.


Live robotic surgery gives insight into future of prostatectomies

A first in South Africa, Mediclinic Durbanville played host to a conference featuring a live robotic assisted very complex laparoscopic prostatectomy with extended nodal dissection.