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Mediclinic Morningside’s Head and Neck Unit exemplifies collaborative excellence

“Teamwork makes the dream work” may sound like little more than a cliché, but at Mediclinic Morningside Head and Neck Unit, it’s a way of life – and the secret to this multidisciplinary team’s success.


Back in the saddle thanks to expert care

Jaco Venter suffered a complex fracture of the lower end of the right humerus, and a rupture of the right triceps. Just months later, he’s on the bike again.


New ENT surgeon brings expert care to Mediclinic Hoogland

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Abongile Matimba recently performed the first laryngeal tumour resection at Mediclinic Hoogland. 


Broadening ENT skills through practical training

The University of Pretoria Ear, Nose and Throat department and Mediclinic Southern Africa recently collaborated to upskill ENT specialists within Africa.


A priceless Christmas gift

Stacey-Lee is nine years old, and a little different from her friends. She has microtia, which means she was born without an ear on the left side.


Neonate undergoes peri-umbilical surgery to repair bowel

It is well accepted that minimal invasive surgery is considered to be superior to open surgery, especially when it comes to decreased post-operative pain, quicker post-operative recovery, shorter hospital stay


Mediclinic’s new multidisciplinary approach to stroke care

To ensure stroke patients receive the right treatment at the right time, Mediclinic’s innovative Stroke Project incorporates a range of expertise. A stroke is a genuine medical emergency that requires


Meet the first black woman to qualify as a plastic surgeon in SA

The first black woman to qualify as a plastic surgeon in SA is driving her field into the future. “As a surgeon you are helping people in a physical and


Mediclinic SA’s infection control philosophy

Mediclinic Southern Africa considers infection control a key priority – and innovative measures to reduce the spread of bacteria are now paying off.  Healthcare-associated  infections continue to pose a risk


Expert care outside the box

To be part of the Mediclinic Corporate Events team, nurses must have a mix of experience and clinical competency – but most of all, an adventurous spirit. “Hospitals are clinical,