Mediclinic walks the transparency talk

Posted on 29 November 2019

Mediclinic is now publishing its clinical performance indicators on a website accessible to anyone. Here’s what that means to you.

Mediclinic Southern Africa has reiterated its commitment to the principles of transparency and continuous improvement.

In 2017, Mediclinic Southern Africa became the first private hospital group to publish their patient experience results online. This data – from over 50,000 surveys administered by Press Ganey Associates, a company that specialises in healthcare improvement – has allowed Mediclinic to gauge the quality of its products and services as experienced by its most cherished stakeholders – the patients themselves.

In November 2019, Mediclinic took another significant step towards transparency in care provision when they published their Clinical Performance indicators.

Mediclinic clinical performance refers to the quality of clinical processes and outcomes and is supported by the Mediclinic Clinical Performance Model as described on the results website.

“Patient safety is a crucial tenet of our clinical performance model,” says Dr Kim Smith, Clinical Data and Information Manager for Mediclinic Southern Africa. “Patient safety involves identifying and preventing errors that can in occur in the delivery of care, and putting systems and structures in place to mitigate that risk.”

Instilling a patient safety culture is therefore imperative to Mediclinic. This culture is built on a collaborative approach to care and an openness to learn from errors that occur, or those that could potentially have occurred (a near miss). The information gathered through this process is then used to drive targeted improvement projects.

“The measurement and reporting of clinical results is an important part of this process,” explains Dr Smith, “it assists us in assuring that good quality care is consistently delivered, while also highlighting areas for improvement or demonstrating the effectiveness of improvement projects underway.”

There are many factors that can impact a patient’s health or clinical care delivery, and for this reason there are a large number of measures that are defined and used internationally to monitor and measure clinical performance. Different indicators are used to assess different elements of care.

Mediclinic aims to report on standardised indicators that are defined by international healthcare institutions such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and currently the following indicators included on the site:

  • Falls Rate
  • Pressure ulcer Rate
  • Medication error Rate
  • Near miss Rate
  • Extended-Prolonged Length of Stay index

The aim of Mediclinic publically reporting clinical results is to improve transparency and accountability in care delivery, as well as to assist patients in their care decision making. The published results will be updated every quarter and will reflect the performance of the previous 12 month period.

Publishing the clinical performance indicators is a brave step by one of South Africa’s largest hospital groups. It demonstrates Mediclinic’s commitment to improving its culture and operations and benefiting its most important stakeholder of all: the people in its care.

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